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We are an international branding agency, based out of Buenos Aires and New york. The h3l™ experience represents a creative journey based on innovation, inspiration and a continuous link with the design forms.

The studio take every challenge like an oportunity to move the new and existing brands to the next level. From the brand conceptualization, crossing the simbolic identity, visual language and content expresions to digital and phisical products like publishing, architecture branding, animation, web, packaging, publishing, experimental activations and physical environments.


︎Buenos Aires
︎New York

h3l’s approach is conceptualization, human-centered and the behavior. We connect the future with the present linking plans with development and dreamers with real companies. Our multidisciplinary team is specializated works around the world creating group experiencies in presencial and remote way. Our speciality is create on demand teams for every project empowering our long experience with new viewes and appling freshing and innovation in every challenge.

The studio operates globally with all scales companies across a range of assignments, ranging from small entrepeneurs, specialist one-off projects, social help, academic content creation to long-term retained relationships, and venture partnerships.


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