Avenida Dorrego 2133
​Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires​.

+54 (11) 4143 4908
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h3l™ was born in 2004 in Argentinian Patagonia. It was founded by Horacio Lardiés (Creative Director) and redefined with the incorporation of Luciana Cartolano (Studio Manager). Has been named by the Presidency of Argentina as one of the most relevant studios and globally recognised as one of the most transcendent creative hubs in Latin America by TASCHEN.

Is an independent studio that stands out for innovative ideas and creative work. Our team develops commercial and art projects of global significance. Over the past decade, our practice has led to a sustainable approach to architecture, education and services, through a wide range of work. From the beginning in 2004, Hachetresele has participated in many national and international conferences such as MICA BsAs, OFFF Barcelona, DMY Berlin, among other cities.

Has delivered lectures and exhibited its work in Argentina, Chile, Germany and the USA, among other countries. The studio’s projects have been published in specialized media around the world.