TDS. Braille Board

The Script

Braille board branding project for INNOVAR - National Competition of Innovation. The main goal was to develop TDS system identity. The new image design and the elaboration of a new isotype was included as part of the corporate stationary and complementary pieces.

The Scene

Braille code. Algorithms. a:1. b:1-2. c:1-4. d:1-4-5. e:1-5. f:1-2-4. g:1-2-4-5. h:1-2-5. i:2-4. j:2-4-5. k:1-3. l:1-2-3. m:1-3-4. n:1-3-4-5. o:1-3-5. p:1-2-3-4. q:1-2-3-4-5. r:1-2-3-5. s:2-3-4. t:2-3-4-5. u:1-3-6. v:1-2-3-6. x:1-3-4-6. y:1-3-4-5-6. z:1-3-5-6. w:2-4-5-6.
The environment textures create an imaginary world. The color is an attribute perceived by the rest of the senses.