Route 66 ID

The script

Inspired by American billboards, Route 66’s rebrand was based on simplification. We simplified the brand’s typography so that we could get a recognisable symbol, which would be versatile for future uses.

Rustic materials, metals, embossing, black ink, delicate die-cuts and textile applications. The lines drawn on the highway guide the brand’s new identity. This 360º project includes printed and audiovisual pieces for clothing, fragrances and leather goods.

The scene

The beginning of the day (or the night). A door opens. A closet contains classic clothes, but renewed. Hangers and tags. This is the story about a classic brand with a new style. Route 66 is a living legend.

Aged roads that smell like wet dirt define a brand’s identity and personal character. Simple lines and texture mixes create unique elegant rebel pieces.
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll.