Printing Thickness

The script

Sustainability. Economy of resources and format intervention. The idea is to go back to basics and explore architecture. White is the leading actor while black plays key supporting role. An accurate selection of photographs, simple shots and soft textures. The piece is simple when it comes to colours so as to draw attention to space and dimension. A display of lights and shadows. The object folds and opens out. Less is more.  

The scene

Light is interrupted by an object which crops it. Shadow projection. Different points of view draw new black and white shapes. Some are bigger and some smaller.
A shadow is born where access to light is denied. It’s a quiet- resting place behind structures.
This brochure is a result of reading a book titled “Eloquent Silence”. The tiny piece of work is a story that a group of young architects share with their colleagues in the Architecture Biennial.
Soft folding is an invitation to play with paper. Shadows draw endless number of patterns and create a scene. The beginning of a new design challenge.