Lorena Álvarez Fashion Designer

The script

Fashion allows designers to create complex design projects. Lorena Alvarez presents a restrained yet elegant collection. The identity system represents the designer’s simplicity as it is shown in the brand’s isotype. The design we created is simple, sophisticated and easy to apply to different pieces. The TV ad shows some characteristic spots from the designer’s studio, as well as some delicate fabrics, tidy workstations and Lorena herself in an intimate and creative environment.

The scene

A figure is drawn with black pencil in a sheet of paper. Feminine silhouettes and elegant designs are put together in urban nature fashion.
A synthesis of characters define a distinguished identity. Geometry becomes an important feature in simple and colourless pieces. Δ. Colours hide behind textures and patterns. They slowly come out and become part of delicate garments and suggestive pictures.