Let's Play Together


H3L compilation book. Let's Play Together is the second volume of former Skizzen Buch and it's divided into 3 parts. The story begins with a hello, continues with the explanation of the working method and ends with the presentation of the finished products. Let's Play Together is a whole new chapter in photography and graphic design experimentation, and a way of thinking editorial pieces as unique, conceptual objects.

(ping) An interdisciplinary team, designed to build conceptual experiences. A well defined identity: detail, simplicity, balance and relevant work. A space that embraces tradition and takes it to the next level. (black ink– white over white)– the colour. White- paper. Digressions and shortcuts. Convenience and innovation, history and essence (artboard).

A pursuit. (net) To respond to a need in a creative way. To be aware of the present moment and understand history. To be the driving force behind change in new products, exhibitions and academic experiences. We are committed to making a statement and creating a design philosophy inspired by architecture and its contribution to society (dot).

Those principles and values define a unique personality, a passionate identity and (reflex blue) energy. We are here to create projects and understand the essentials. To listen. To transcend. It’s all about timing, transformation and achieving goals. (pong).