Hotel 21:30 2nd Edition.

The script

Packaging + Editorial. Hotel 21.30’s second edition is back to create a new version of the Hotel’s concept: a book-object. New artists were invited to the making of this project which were included in the book the studio edited. Klaus Thymann, renowned English photographer participated on this second edition with a folding-screen piece. The publication includes different artists’ presentations that include articles, notes and toys among many other things. The idea was to give a unique personality to each contribution. The container was designed as a die-cut piece which represented a building with windows that could be opened. Hotel 21.30’s second edition is a whole new chapter in photography and fashion experimentation and a way of thinking editorial pieces as a unique, conceptual object.

The scene

Book Art.

H3L constructed a hotel. The design holds an idea and minimal stories that represent a way of understanding the world. (Pantone 811 warm). Hotel 21:30. A metaphor based on a clear concept. An after hour meeting between artists. A conversation locked up in a hotel room. The paper-thin walls house histories and relationships. A story of encounters and missed encounters. Ways of living. You can see artists through the windows. Kids’ games played by grown ups. That’s Klaus Thymann with his camera. Welcome. Doors open at 21:30.