Hotel 21:30 1st Edition

The script

Hotel 21.30 is a collection of artists’, architects’, designers’, illustrators’ and ordinary people’s work. Brief photo albums are gathered in this container box, which was designed as a hotel room. Cardboards, coated papers, bookpapers, special inks and die-cuts are part of this piece. You are welcome to enter Hotel 21.30 once you break seals and stickers. This project is a clear expression of H3L’s personality.

The scene

Art book-object.

Check in. This is a place where artists get together along with their own personal stories. The walls are made out of a concept and they are decorated with design. On the outside, our influences; on the inside, our daily space.

The case contains a specific moment in life. A particular time in evolution and a new level of maturity. The project was conceived as a place for artistic expression. Hotel 21.30 is a recreation area, a blank sheet of paper with an open theme. It might also be the beginning of a journey between Argentina, Chile and Colombia. 21.30 are the coordinates where different world visions meet. Stories and anecdotes.


Victor Della Vecchia.

Sebastián Lardiés.

Jorge Codicimo.

Ariel Chavez.

Vicente Antonio Lardiés.

Mariela Antonini.

Agustin Sotomayor.