Hippies del Bolsón

Paco Caparrós Films.

Hippies del Bolsón is a documentary of a group of young people who decide to move to The Andes during the hippie movement, after a long and successful experience working for LIFE magazine. The book tells the story behind the documentary and includes unpublished material. 

The project includes the development of a clip's motion graphics, booklet and book design, as well as a foldable poster. The printing techniques have to do with a psychedelic aesthetic and ink mixing.

Unfamiliar places to many. 41°58′00″S 71°32′00″W. Located in the southwest of Río Negro Province. In between woods and mountains, rivers and lakes. 
Taking pictures and shooting unique scenes. The area's typical trees become part of a mysterious atmosphere. Deep conversations reveal unknown the details of small worlds.