Doma Polo Bistró

The Script

Corporate branding project and image update with the definition of a new isotype. The design of the new ID was incorporated to different applications as part of a 360º branding action. The system transmits the a youthful and sporty spirit brand inspired by Polo's spirit, tradition and cuisine.

The Scene

25°47'00" N 80°13'00" W. Miami Florida.
Polo is all about teamwork. It's unique and exclusive. It's a a lifestyle. 
Take1. Countryside. Long shot. A polo player receives his horse. Zoom-in. Close-up. He speaks to its ear and takes the stirrups. Confidently. Nightlife. A combination of flavors and styles are combined in a modern and cosmopolitan aesthetic. An intimate place, with soft smells. The spirit of the open-air lifestyle portrays the identity of a brand with a personality of its own. The classic lines and black and white design gives the shop an elegant and rustic personality. A pice of Argentina in the world.