The script

COPADE is a Governmental Organization from Neuquén, Argentina, that is dedicated to promote productive ventures.

The document describes the activities developed from its beginnings to the present days and it includes institutional information combined with historical photographs.

The scene

COPADE. Council- Planning-Action-Development. 38°57′06″S 68°04′28″W. Neuquén Province, Argentina. “5O Years” is the story of every project developed between 1964 and 2014. Mission and Vision.

A clear model with Development as the main goal. The challenge is to plan and integrate.

This is a limited edition book as well as a collection of anecdotes and activities. It is about going back to basics and checking files. The book’s pages contain historical documents, maps and testimonies. Photographs and test strips. Irregular lines draw the unique Patagonia’s landscapes.