CCEBA Awards Argentina

Palais De Glace 

CCEBA Awards Argentina
Spain's Cultural Center in Buenos Aires

At the first CCEBA (Spain's Cultural Center in Buenos Aires) Awards Argentina Youth Art and Design, which took place in the exhibition center, and indisputable leader of the culture of Argentina, Palais de Glace, H3L was present with an architectural installation.

The proposal was a material work correlated with H3L language. The installation volume, fully prefabricated and assembled as a pack, was located at the Palais with each pieces perfectly identified. Neutral materials were translated into a volume of 300 x 300 x 300.
The space evolved speech featured the corporate speech and philosophy. And it took place to explain H3L projects and jobs, the results of the dialectic created between the center and periphery. We live and work in the suburbs, but we think and develop thoughts from the center.
Concept: Architecture. Emiliano De Marchi.
Technology: Industrial Designer. Pablo Rodríguez.
Design: Hachetresele.
Collaborators: Micaela Molina, Juan Cruz Castro, Gabriel Funez, Patricio Kolar, Luciana Cartolano, Sol Buschiazzo.
Press: Laura Vincent.