Barrios Porteños



Buenos Aires' neighbourhoods photo book. Barrios Porteños is a conceptual publication which portrays the views across the city from a french Argentina-based student's perspective.


Buenos Aires is a trip trough time. Is travelling back to past and going back to the future. Buenos Aires is a round-the-world-tour. /   It’s a little boy that spends the day running and that won’t go to bed easily. There’s peace and quiet when he finally falls asleep but he might wake up any minute. Just like any child, he plays football and paints the walls. He laughs loud and cries louder. /  It’s a teenager. Modern and rebellious. Love and hate. Fearless and almighty. Idealistic and straightforward. It’s also an adult city that follows the rules and has learned through experience. It’s responsible and thoughtful. Hardworking, yet kind of lazy. Future-oriented. /  Last but not least, Buenos Aires is a place where time stood still. People take trains that have no schedules and they need coins to pay for a bus ticket. People have a seat to have a cup of coffee, there’s no such thing as take away. The city has antique tailor shops that are still managed by their grey-haired owners as well as. It also has an old umbrella shop, as well as a cookie store. Every neighbourhood has at least one carousel. / Barrios Porteños is just a glimpse of Buenos Aires, a project with an identity of it own and a travel manifesto. It’s a way of understanding lights and shadows. It’s what we see when we go outside and what we do when we get into the darkroom.