2.E.ARQ. Architecture Festival

The script

The project presents an attractive and eye-catching graphic system. The abstract isotype contrasts with the functional aspect of the Futura typeface featured in the logo. The visual language has its background in natural resource economics and recycling. The poster’s handmade folding and colours take the leading role in a harmonic visual silence.

The scene

What’s new ends up aging. Old Becomes New. A circle.

A scientific symbol meets architecture’s artistic vision. They both coexist. An orbit charged with energy gives birth to matter and its many different shapes. Positive and negative. The circle of Möbius invites us the Revise, Redesign and Resignify. That’s how we reinterpreted the 3R.

The poster features clean, simple lines and a clear concept. A series of elements get together to give this architecture festival and identity of its own.