h3l™ Internship

A space for cultural exchange and professional experimentation, created to empower new generations under our study profile.

An institutional framework of international character, nourished by universities in different parts of the world to promote experiences in the final stages of the educational cycles.


Recreate an experience sharing, over a given period, various activities focused development in the overall design.

Experience travel lies in the company and supervision of our working group, complementing construction and incorporation of tools and knowledge of the discipline of design.


Our experience participants arrive at the city of Buenos Aires sharing with our group the different stages of the creation of a documentary project.


Initially apply the local culture through activities of this survey research to then run development projects. This stage is available in a maximum of 2 weeks.


The intermediate step is the fixation of the objectives of the project and its further development. Is a duraciond e 12/16 weeks for the total development of the project.


The last stage of the experience is multimedia project mastering, manufacture and the creation of all implementations of broadcasting. This stage takes place in a maximum of 6 weeks.


Each experience lasts a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.


A cross-cultural experience applied to a real and multidisciplinary comprehensive project guided by our working group.

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