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Uniendo Tramas.
by Pierre

Interpretation axes - X: Gestation axis + Y: Production axis + Z: Conjunction axis

X - Chapter 1: Saturday 9:46 AM; Round of links MICA Patagonia, Bariloche, May 2018. 2 charming and blushing people (UT) decide to meet with Horacio (h3l) to move the initiative to "how to sell better"; Action Reaction.

Chapter 2: Maria is an artisan, she designs and produces her own objects, finding in her trade a way of expressing what she feels and what she thinks, she transforms her capacity into goods of change, into pieces with detail, criteria and, above all, quality. Sofía creates from her spontaneity handicrafts of unique and special character, loves what she does and likes to live from it. Maria, Sofia and 148 other people are united by a web of interests, intentions, searches and love for what they do.

Chapter 3: From h3l™ we decided to develop a project that allows them to strengthen their work towards the world, which simply orders their language and gives them an identity structure to make visible a collective spirit in unity. Y - Pierre is 24 years old, was born and studied in Nantes, France; participated in our 2018 internship project; One of his goals as a designer was to develop the identity of Uniendo Tramas as a team. Z - Development - Concept. Weave. The project was addressed in the search to conceptualize an individual representation in a collective container, the individual operation in addition to the collective discourse. The language is based on textile patterns represented with simple patterns that coexist with a strident chromatic palette, showing a lot of personality.

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